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About Us

 As a 49-year-old, I am no stranger to an aging body. I know the importance of staying active, and faithfully and regularly exercise to keep my body feeling healthy and in shape. 

One thing that holds true, though, is that my body loves to believe that it's still 20 years old. But it's unfortunately not the same for my face. 

Over the years, aging has taken its toll on my face. Although I have a wide variety of amazing ways to exercise my body, I didn't always have a way to exercise my aging face muscles. 

I've spent years trying to learn about my body -- brainstorming ways to ensure that my face was getting the same workout that my body was getting on a daily basis. When nothing helped, I turned to doing the only other thing I could think to do - spending thousands of dollars on wrinkle cream.

Although some facial creams claim that they can tighten your wrinkles and lift your muscles, it's rarely true. This kept me persistently searching for a better way.

I knew that my wrinkles and sagging skin were a product of my aging. But I also knew that if toning exercises work to tighten my body, the same had to hold true for my face. 

After doing some hard research, I learned that when we age, we lose muscle mass. The only way to work out your face the same way we work out our bodies is to do so manually. That's when the idea arose for the Eye Flex.

The Eye Flex is a tool that I've created to stimulate the eye muscles within your face to help tone, tighten and regenerate your aging cells.

This isn't just a tool, it's a tool based on science.